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#26 – Michael Joseph – Why You Should Live Small and Do More in Your 20’s

The transition from college to full-time work is a big change. It’s a major change in identity from young adult in college to full grown, full time adult.  For most people, it’s the first time in their lives that they are making reliable income.  However, with more income, comes more temptation.   The temptation to buy a newContinue reading “#26 – Michael Joseph – Why You Should Live Small and Do More in Your 20’s”

#25 – Alexis Doerr – Solo Travel On a Budget

Alexis Doerr is an English Teacher based in San Antonio,Texas. In this episode Alexis discusses her month-long road trip to 8 national parks.  She discusses the planning, budgeting, and freeing part of the whole experience. Follow Alexis for photos from her trip/travels :Instagram: @alexis.doerr

#24 – Michael Joseph – 4 Steps to Pay Off Your Student Loans in Under 5 Years.

Find yourself 2 years into paying off your loans from College, and no progress has been made? I found myself in the same situation.  After 2 years, I couldn’t believe that my 375$ per month payment wasn’t making a bigger dent.  At that time, I was letting the Student Loan Company pull $375 each month to payContinue reading “#24 – Michael Joseph – 4 Steps to Pay Off Your Student Loans in Under 5 Years.”

#23 – Erin Flynn – Essentialism – Keeping Your Closet Sustainable

Erin Flynn is the CEO and cofounder of Cladwell.  Cladwell is a smart app that helps you learn how to appreciate what you have, do more with less, and clear out the clutter in your life. Get dressed easier, each and every day. In this episode Erin discusses Cladwell, Essentialism, and Defining your style to saveContinue reading “#23 – Erin Flynn – Essentialism – Keeping Your Closet Sustainable”

#22 – Michael Joseph – 3 Tips For Realistic Minimalism

3 Easy Tips for Realistic Minimalism  In early 2017, I found myself staring into an overflowing closet with absolutely nothing to wear.  I thought how is this possible.  This realization lit my curiosity flame on the trending concept of “Minimalism”.  As I learned more about Minimalism, I realized there was a very negative connotation around owning too much.  You hadContinue reading “#22 – Michael Joseph – 3 Tips For Realistic Minimalism”

#21 – Ericka Young – Getting Started With Personal Finance

Ericka Young is the Author of  “Naked and Unashamed – 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have” and Owner of Taylor Made Budgets. She’s been working as a Personal Finance Coach for over 15 years.  In this episode Ericka shares her story and discusses best practices to getting started on your personal-finance journey. Get in touchContinue reading “#21 – Ericka Young – Getting Started With Personal Finance”

#21 – Michael Joseph – 3 Steps To Manage Your Finances Like A Small Business

Do you have trouble saving money? Can’t seem to get out of the paycheck to paycheck loop? It’s not because you are incapable. It’s not because you have low will power. It’s because most people assume that all of the money in their account is for whatever they want. Whether it be rent or eatingContinue reading “#21 – Michael Joseph – 3 Steps To Manage Your Finances Like A Small Business”

#19 – Stephen Warley – Digital Nomadism – Designing Life and Work Around Your Values

Episode Summary : Stephen Warley is the creator and host of the “Life Skills That Matter” Podcast He’s been working for himself since getting laid off in 2000 as a sales trainer, digital marketer, freelancer, consultant, coach, online entrepreneur and speaker. In this episode Steven discusses how work is changing, and the importance around designingContinue reading “#19 – Stephen Warley – Digital Nomadism – Designing Life and Work Around Your Values”

#16 – Michael Joseph – 7000 Miles for Under $1000 Challenge – Week 1

It’s been quite a busy week so far… The first night away from home, I drove a short distance down to South Lake Tahoe to meet up with some friends.  They were planning on camping along the Carson River.  I figured it was perfect timing for me to tag along.  We left my car at my friend’sContinue reading “#16 – Michael Joseph – 7000 Miles for Under $1000 Challenge – Week 1”

#15 – Michael Joseph – 7000 Miles for under 1000$


#13 – Vanina Howan – Eco-Products

Episode Summary – Vanina Howan – Host of the “Ecopreneur Show” discusses her Podcast, as well as realistic use of consumer products, and how the narrative around them is changing. Please see the link below to check out her show!

#12 – Diania Merriam – EconoMe

Episode Summary: Diania Merriam discusses designing a financial environment around your values. This Week’s Guest – Diania Merriam is the founder of EconoMe LLC.  She was motivated to start a conference after the pursuit of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement changed her life.  After she discovered blogs like Mr. Money Mustache and Frugalwoods, asContinue reading “#12 – Diania Merriam – EconoMe”

#10 – Laura Goellner – Tiny House Savings

Episode Summary: Laura Goellner discusses how transitioning into a smaller living space helped her pay off student loan debt. This Week’s Guest: Laura Goellner is a content creator based in New Jersey.  Laura has a YouTube channel and Podcast, “Let New Adventures Begin” where she and her partner, Patrick, document their experiences. Laura moved into aContinue reading “#10 – Laura Goellner – Tiny House Savings”

#09 – Nash Gierak – How To Be A Minimalist

Episode summary :​ ​ Nash Gierak discusses her podcast, “How To Be a Minimalist, The Sustainable Way” This week’s guest: Nash Gierak is a writer, content creator, and consultant based in London.  Nash began documenting her experiences living in a 35sqm attic flat with her partner and son in 2019, as a way to show howContinue reading “#09 – Nash Gierak – How To Be A Minimalist”

#08 – Jolyn GC – Take Back Control of Your Finances

Episode summary :​ ​ Jolyn GC discusses her Art tech business and her personal finance challenge for the month of February. This Week’s Guest: Jolyn GC –  is a modern and contemporary portrait artist, curator, and founder of a Seattle arts-based tech startup, Entarupt, Inc., who utilizes her gaze as a contemporary Black woman to integrateContinue reading “#08 – Jolyn GC – Take Back Control of Your Finances”

#07 – Jay Vasquez – Work Less, Live Small, Travel More

Episode summary :​ ​ Jay Vasquez – Host of the “Inspired by Fire Podcast” discusses his basic needs, and how his perspective allows him to travel the world for extended periods of time.  Topics discussed in this episode:​ ​ Long term travel – Unique experiences allow for perspective changes. Paying off student loans in 4 yearsContinue reading “#07 – Jay Vasquez – Work Less, Live Small, Travel More”

#06 BLNT – Hybrid Vehicles

Episode summary :​ ​ BLNT – Host and Creator of the Prius Podcast, discusses hybrid vehicles and the financial benefits they provide.. Topics discussed in this episode:​ ​ Prius Podcast – Apple and Spotify Prius Purchasing Guide – Course  BLNT had an article published on Resources mentioned in this episode: ​ Support Sustainable Savings:​  –Continue reading “#06 BLNT – Hybrid Vehicles”

#05 – Rob Rubenok – Fair Trade Coffee

Episode summary :​ ​ Rob Rubenok – Founder of Four 21 Brewhouse and Host of the 421 Archives Podcast, discusses fair trade within the coffee industry as well as advice for consumer purchasing. Topics discussed in this episode:​ ​ –  Shikoku Pilgrimage – Pilgrimage around the island of Shikoku Japan[10:34s] – Ethically advertised stickers/packaging [20:00s] –Continue reading “#05 – Rob Rubenok – Fair Trade Coffee”

#04 – Katie McCartney – No Waste November

Katie and Mike discuss (No Waste November Challenge) what its like to spend an entire month without packaging and waste. About Katie: In the Summer of 2019, Katie decided to dive into personal growth. She began doing research for her blog The Wilderness of Self. Each month she removes possessions and adds challenges to understandContinue reading “#04 – Katie McCartney – No Waste November”

#03 – Ryan Mcdonnell – How to Beer more intentional

(NSFW) Ryan and Mike sit down for an informal conversation about how to be more intentional. About Ryan: Ryan is currently a Snowboard/Ski Instructor at Mount Baker. Ryan majored in Environmental Science from Texas State University. Ryan discusses how at times, the current system we live in, makes being more intentional difficult. Change comes fromContinue reading “#03 – Ryan Mcdonnell – How to Beer more intentional”

#01 – Tyler Michalek – Redefining basic needs through seasonal work.

On this weeks episode Tyler and Mike discuss how seasonal work allows people to live smaller and save money. About Tyler: Texas Tech University Graduate Gave up traditional job and jumped into seasonal work industry in 2017. Multiple moves within the seasonal industry taught him that he needed to redefine his basic needs and eliminateContinue reading “#01 – Tyler Michalek – Redefining basic needs through seasonal work.”

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