Hi, my name is Michael Joseph.  I am a Personal Finance Coach for professionals and entrepreneurs.  I create easy, understandable strategies to help people find financial freedom.  

Why am I passionate about helping people with money? 

Because I was terrible with my money. For Years!   

After struggling with post-college debt, I decided to make a major change in my finances. I restructured my entire lifestyle to drastically change my financial situation. Within two years, I was able to become debt free and branch out into an entirely different world!

I understand the pressure, stress, and shame that align with debt or living paycheck to paycheck.  My goal is to use my experience to help you feel better about your money and your life in general!

What do I do?

Financial Coaching

Workshop Facilitation

Content Creation


My Coaching Process

My basic process is: 

  1. Defining your relationship with money and identifying your financial goals. 
  2. Completing a full budget analysis to help you understand where to begin.
  3. Presenting realistic strategies to help you increase your relative income and to meet your financial goals.

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