#09 – Nash Gierak – How To Be A Minimalist

Episode summary :​ ​ Nash Gierak discusses her podcast, “How To Be a Minimalist, The Sustainable Way”

This week’s guest: Nash Gierak is a writer, content creator, and consultant based in London.  Nash began documenting her experiences living in a 35sqm attic flat with her partner and son in 2019, as a way to show how sustainability and minimalism could work hand-in-hand, in even the smallest of spaces.  Nash has turned her specialized knowledge of Zero Waste and Minimalism into a popular podcast.  How to Be a Minimalist (The Sustainable Way) was released on iTunes in February 2020, and forms part of a greater project, which will include an online course, and a book.

Links to connect with Nash:

Website: http://www.defyingspace.com/ 

Instagram: http://instagram.com/defyingspace

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/how-to-be-a-minimalist-the-sustainable-way/id1497429561

Mailing List: https://mailchi.mp/bbcf83747eac/defyingspace

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